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Invitation to the General Assembly on Ferbruary 12th in Munich

Invitation to the General Assembly
Dear Pirate,
Pirates without Borders would like to invite you to the ordinary Pirate Assembly in Munich on Friday 12th  February. The venue is the Head Quarter of the Bavarian Pirate Party.
The address is:
Schopenhauerstr. 71, 
80807 München
We will start with the assembly at 7PM CET. 
Please send any motions to until January 29 , 2016 at the latest.
Preliminary agenda:
  • approval of annual reports;
  • approval of annual accounts;
  • discharge from liability;
  • decision on the budget;
  • election of the President of the Assembly;
  • elections of the Board Members
  • election of lay auditors.
  • Oder proposals by members or the Board
The definite agenda will be published on 5, 2016 and sent by e-mail. Further details, including leisure programme, will also be sent by e-mail.
On behalf of the president of the assembly
Moira Brülisauer
Pirates without Borders
9000 St. Gallen