Board Pirates Pirates without Borders

Abstract of the 1st board meeting at March 15th in Munich

This was the first meeting of the newly elected board. Regular sessions of the PWB Board will be every first Sunday of each month at 6pm in the PWB mumble room with subsequent member meetings on the same server. The board accepts the rules of procedure as suggested.

The board decides to rent a server on the PWB’s own, with Pat Mächler responsible. The board names Wolfgang Steinert responsible for the PWB’s IT, who accepts the responsibility. The board decides to send invoices without further delay, with Moira Brülisauer responsible for the numbers and Sebastian Schwarzweller for the text and Pat Mächler for the sending, unless already done by Moira.

The board also follows the motion of President Sebastian Schwarzweller and decides to introduce the dresscode “Dress like a Sir, Madam or Squirrel” as voluntary self-commitment – therefore requested, but not binding. The president announces that the motto of the PWB is going to be “Iocus et Contumacia”, which the board confirms. Logo and pictures of the board members will soon be available online.

The minutes can be found in full length here (German).