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Pirate Academy

Pirate Academy

”Knowledge is the only good that multiplies when you share it.” – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
The free sharing of knowledge is a main topic of the Pirate movement. To maximize the number of Pirates that have highly diversified skills, it is necessary for those who have knowledge to share it and let others learn from each other. Many pirates are well trained and experts in their own special subject area. The Pirate Academy is a format for events that can have many faces, be it a speech, a workshop or a joint venture project for a longer period of time.
The three pillars of the Pirate Academy are:

  • Anyone may attend
  • The event is free for the participants (material costs excepted occasionally)
  • Knowledge is conveyed, possibly without obstacles

The format can be used by anyone and is not tied to a single place. Just without borders …
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