April Boardmeeting
April Boardmeeting

April Boardmeeting

All board members were present. The commissioned IT person, Wolfgang Steinert, has received the server and is working with it. A Redmine server for PWB is planned, but not yet available.The old Wiki pages of the PWB have been saved as pdf files, Pat Mächler responsible. At the moment, the wiki pages are readable only and are to be deleted at some point, which the board confirms. Blogs will be saved on a database, for which Pat Mächler is responsible, as soon as he receives his account though Wolfgang Steinert.
A new logo for the PWB has been designed by Thomas Anhorn and has already been published in the basic design. Additional designs for various media will soon be available. Sebastian Schwarzweller will try to make minor changes to the basic logo which are supposed to make it more vivid without making it harder to print.
As for the address of the association, an invoice has been paid by Georg Sinn, and Moira Brülisauer is responsible for changing the address entirely. She has already sent the necessary files, but not yet received a reply.
Pat Mächler is responsible for the old Google Group and the Mailing Lists of PWB, for which he has received admin rights from Georg Sinn. Pat Mächler and Moira Brülisauer are responsible for checking if any adresses are no longer up to date and forwarding this information to Wolfgang Steinert.  Pat Mächler has ordered a server for PWB and paid for it already, the money was donated by Moira Brülisauer. At the moment, only Wolfgang Steinert can access the server as admin, but he is going to send the admin data to Sebastian Schwarzweller.
The PWB board decided to make server space available for an URL shortener and for an online game called „Nothing to Hide“. The board decided to send candidates to the PPI Open Space Conference in case the suggested people will accept the nomination. Moira Brülisauer and Pat Mächler will represent PWB at the conference, and have been empowered by the board to nominate candidates as they think reasonable. In addition, they are to find people who might help the PWB setting up a streaming program on their own.
The next session will be on May 6th in the PWB Mumble room, and will also feature reports of the board about their activities.
The minutes can be found here.