Preliminary schedule of the International Orga Weekend
Preliminary schedule of the International Orga Weekend

Preliminary schedule of the International Orga Weekend

The preiliminary schedule for the International Orga Weekend in Frankfurt is out!

also available in German

Saturday, 29th November

09:00 Accreditation and Construction
Arrival and registration of visitors. Who has not been paid, paid the entry fee. Those who stay on site, can check into their rooms.
Construction by all under the direction of Moira, accreditation by Sebastian Schwarzweller

11:00 Typesetting with LaTeX (Workshop)
General introduction to the application of the typesetting software LaTeX. Thanks to the new online tool „ShareLatex“ there’s no need for a hassling instalation anymore. LaTeX is suitable for documentation, minutes, statutes, etc.
Presented by Stefan Thöni

12:30 Lunch
together at the youth hostel

14:00 Grassroots participation and internal party democracy (Discussion)
Panel discussion with following plenary discussion on the subjects of internal party democracy and grassroots participation (e-voting, SDMV, SMV, BEO, etc.)
Moderated by Moonopool

17:00 Controlling structures (discussion)
Panel discussion on the topics of controlling, control committees, internal audit processes.
Moderated by Stefan Thöni

18:00 Membership management and communication (discussion)

18:00 Treasurer tools (discussion)
Discussion of the current treasurers and other interested parties about the everyday challenges and solutions in the life of a Treasurer.
Moderated by Philipp Hug, Treasurer Pirate Party Switzerland.

19:00 Dinner
together at the youth hostel

Sunday, 30th November 2014

08:30 Breakfast
together at the youth hostel

09:30 Project management with Redmine (Workshop)
Redmine (Workshop)
Introduction to Project Management Software Redmine with many practical tips, as well as their everyday use and administration in managing everyday pirate.
Presented by Tobias Stenzel

11:00 Administrative IT infrasturcture (Lecture)
Presentation of the structure of the servers of the Pirate Party Germany for the party administration. Particular structure of administration in general, backgrounds and access requirements. A focus is also on the aspect that due to legal and technical necessities, not everything can be covered by open source tools.
Presented by Boris Sobiesky, IT Pirate Party Germany

12:00 Lunch
together at the youth hostel

13:00 Request Management with OTRS (Workshop / Lecture)
Introduction to the open source ticketing system OTRS and how it can be used in the daily pirate party work.
Presented by Nicole Britz

14:30 encrypting and with Linux (workshop)
Installation workshop on full system encryption and email encryption with Linux and GPG.
Note: Participants will need a USB stick with 8GB memory
Presented by David Mändlen

16:00 End, tidying up, departure.

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