Board meeting of the PWB board on June 1st.
Board meeting of the PWB board on June 1st.

Board meeting of the PWB board on June 1st.

The board had a quorum to make decisions, with President Sebastian Schwarzweller and Treasurer Pat Mächler present. Administration Moira Brülisauer was excused. The PWB currently have 214.-€ cash and 1’357.16€ on their account, and about 110-120 members.
Current work of the President is the organization of an International Orga Day, which is likely to take place in July – precise dates will be published as organization continues. In addition, he is writing some texts for the PWB page.
Current work of the Treasurer is ordering the account of the PWB and taking care of various IT issues in cooperation with Wolfgang.
Current work of the Administration is organizing the new members, sending mails, ordering pins and also doing some IT work. In addition, she is responsible for the minutes of the board meetings.
The board discussed about the minutes of the last meeting, deciding to move the position of the English abstract to the end and putting a list of decisions on top of the title page instead. 
The board decided to support the OpenSlides project as suggested by the administration. 
The board also decided that there will be PWB member mumbles, although three times per month (3rd, 13th, 23rd of each month) might be difficult, as the board members have other obligations on some days. Therefore, member mumbles will take place if one of the board members has time to invite for it. It is yet to decide which competences the member meetings will actually have.
The board discussed offering PWB mail addresses for their members – which, however, are a hard load for the memory space. Final decision therefore depends on technical details.
The board decided to create a team which is to travel to various international events in the name of the PWB. The precise composition of the team and financing are yet to discuss.
The next meeting will be on June 22nd, 6pm, PWB mumble server.


The full minutes in can be found here (German).