Board meeting of the PWB board on June 23rd.
Board meeting of the PWB board on June 23rd.

Board meeting of the PWB board on June 23rd.

All members of the board were present; the board thus had a quorum. Data as given by the treasurer showed that PWB currently have 214,00 € cash and 1803,66€ on the account. The number of members is 112.
President Sebastian Schwarzweller reported that he is still looking for a location for an International Orga Day, which turned out harder than expected due to high demands the PWB have on the location. The board discussed which requirements are obligatory, and Moira offered her help in the search. In addition to that, the President will participate in the PPI board meeting in London the first weekend in July. 
Treasurer Pat Mächler reported that he ist still busy with updating certain web services and the member data based, as soon as payments arrive.
Administration Moira Brülisauer reported that she took care of some tickets, the minutes of the last session. She still has to update some legal document, sort members to the mail lists and create overview pages for the archieve.
The board accepted the mission statement suggested by Moira for the PPI board meeting. 
The board also decided to have business cards printed for all members of the board, which will probably arrive this or next week. 
The next meeting will be on August 3rd, 6pm, PWB mumble server. There will be no session on July 5th due to the PPI meeting.
The full Minutes can be found here (German)