Relaunch of Pirates Times

We found it very unfortunate that the “Pirate Times” was discontinued in 2017 and the valuable content was lost. We took the trouble to restore over 1500 pages with the help of the „Wayback Machine“ and to transfer them into the CSS of an editorial system. Unfortunately, we could not save everything, but a large part of it has been preserved and will be reworked in the course of the part. This was the work of an archive. But we want to use this new beginning to continue the idea of the “Pirate Times” as the “New Pirate Times” and hope that as many of the old editors as possible …

Report from the Marina Kassel

Introduction Pirates without Borders was invited by the national Board of the Pirate Party of Germany to their national board meeting in Kassel, to the «Marina Kassel». Pirates without Borders was represented by Denis Simonet and the Board Member Moira Brülisauer. Link to more Infos about the event: Date: 8th and 9th of November 2014 Venue: Youth hostel „Jugendherberge Kassel“ Budget: Pirates without Borders spent EUR 190 on this representative task Report Denis and Moira arrived in the late evening on Friday 7th November in Kassel, checked in and joined the social get-together in the bar «Cuba Club», where they met many of the attendees in an informal atmosphere – …

Announcement International Orga Weekend

[UPDATE] Registration deadline set to 27th October 2014. Pirates without Borders would like to warmly invite you to the International Orgaweekend. It is an event dedicated to all the people who are heavily engaged in and comitted to providing us, the international Pirate Parties, with a smooth and flexible Infrastructure. Following the spirit of Pirates Without Borders, the International Orgaweekend is supposed to make networking and creative exchange across borders possible. We have arranged a colorful and widespread variety of topics and speeches for you. For instance, we will have Workshops considering LaTeX, Redmine, OTRS and lots more. We will discuss different methods of ballots and primary elections – be …

Pirates without Borders at PPI General Assembly in Paris

The Weekend of 13. & 14. April 2014 the Pirates without Borders (PwB) will be present at the General Assembly of the PPI in Paris. There will be two members of the board there, Pat Mächler (treasurer) and Moira Brülisauer (administration) [1]. Both are also member of Pirate Party Switzerland (PPS). Pat Mächler has been elected as the official representative by the PwB board im his session in a circular resolution.  

Sponsoring of the Think Twice Conference

Pirates Without Borders has supported the Think Twice Conference with 500 € as one of the association’s first movements back to life. Think Twice took place in February 22nd and 23rd in Frankfurt am Main; its aim was to bridge between the worlds of the Pirate Parties, Academia and NGO to foster a mutual exchange on ideas and experiences that are worth spreading. This is exactly what Pirates Without Borders, recently re-activated after two years of deep sleep, intends to work for as well: the association wants to join individual Pirates from all over the world in mutual friendship and fruitful exchange of work and information.