[cancelled] International Orgaweekend 2015 (#iowe15)
[cancelled] International Orgaweekend 2015 (#iowe15)

[cancelled] International Orgaweekend 2015 (#iowe15)

Please note: This event was cancelled due to the low number of registrations up to 10th of July.

Fellow Pirates Without Borders,

we would like to warmly invite you to the International Orgaweekend 2015 (#iowe15) during the „Pirate Summer“ event in Piotrowice Nyskie, Poland. This event is dedicated to all the people who are heavily comitted to providing the political pirates a smooth infrastructure. Following the spirit of Pirates Without Borders, the IOWE15 will increase networking and exchange across borders. We have arranged a colorful and broad variety of workshops and speeches for you.

This is the opportuninty for individual pirates to spend time together, to get to know each other and to foster international cooperation.

Everybody is welcome to contribute their content to the Pirate Summer – be it a workshop, a session, a lecture, a hackathon, a music jam or anything else that could be relevant to pirates, or is just for fun socialising (how about offering a hike along the Czech-Polish border, or a tournament of MtG?)

We have found a truly unique location – an old palace from the sixteenth century, which was bought six years ago by a family that is restoring it to its former shape since then. Overall there are 5 hectars with multiple buildings, barns, a big number of large rooms for meetings, a pond (that is left from the medivial moat), farm animals, dogs, cats – in total, 250 pirates can fit in. You can book one of the 25 rooms in the palace, camp in a tent or share dormitory rooms in the former storage buildings.

We will offer full catering and consider providing child care (if enough families will join us), so that we can have a great vacation together, where you can join with your family.

  • What: International Orgaweekend 2015 (#iowe15)
  • When: August 8th (Pirate Summer: July 31st – August 9th 2015)
  • Where: Piotrowice Nyskie, Poland

You can see the photos of this place on its Facebook page and on the official website of this place.



Do you want to register for the event? Fill out the form below!

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Here are the costs for the tickets:

A room in the palace: 35 Euro per day including full-board catering (315 Euro for the whole 9 days)
Tent / dormitory: 18 Euro per day including full-board catering (162 Euro for the whole 9 days)

under 3 years old: free
under 12 years old: EUR 9,- per day
between 12 and 18: EUR 12,- per day

If there will be more than 10 children registered for the event, we will organize a care person / kids animation for no additional charge, so that the adults will have more time to hang out busy with „adult stuff“ (or be kids again unobserved).
If more than 50/100/200 persons will register in total, we will drop the prices for everyone.

It is alright to come to only for the IOWE (or another part of the summer camp), but the rooms in the palace are given with the preference to the people who are coming for the whole time. You can pay in cash when you arrive at the pirate summer camp.

If you want to stay for the whole Pirate Summer event or get more information about it, visit http://www.eventbrite.com/e/pirate-summer-2015-registration-17019016336