Pirates Without Borders

Pirates Without Borders

Pirates without Borders at PPI General Assembly in Paris

The Weekend of 13. & 14. April 2014 the Pirates without Borders (PwB) will be present at the General Assembly of the PPI in Paris. There will be two members of the board there, Pat Mächler (treasurer) and Moira Brülisauer (administration) [1]. Both are also member of Pirate Party Switzerland (PPS). Pat Mächler has been elected as the official representative by the PwB board im his session in a circular resolution.  

Abstract of the 1st board meeting at March 15th in Munich

This was the first meeting of the newly elected board. Regular sessions of the PWB Board will be every first Sunday of each month at 6pm in the PWB mumble room with subsequent member meetings on the same server. The board accepts the rules of procedure as suggested. The board decides to rent a server on the PWB’s own, with Pat Mächler responsible. The board names Wolfgang Steinert responsible for the PWB’s IT, who accepts the responsibility. The board decides to send invoices without further delay, with Moira Brülisauer responsible for the numbers and Sebastian Schwarzweller for the text and Pat Mächler for the sending, unless already done by Moira. …

Results of General Assembly of Pirates without Borders 15.3.2014 in Munich

The Pirates without Borders General Assembly has approved the following changes to the Constitution. This applies especially to the separation of powers, which has been improved. Pirate Without Borders sessions have a permanent chairman, the board now consists of only three people, and we have launched an ordinary arbitral court. Details about the Court can be found at https://piratengericht.ch. The newly elected board consists of Sebastian Schwarzweller (President), Moira Brülisauer (Administration), and Pat Mächler (Treasurer), the president of the Pirate Assembly is Christian Reidel. And here are the full minutes of the GA in Munich on March 15th 2014 (german).

Sponsoring of the Think Twice Conference

Pirates Without Borders has supported the Think Twice Conference with 500 € as one of the association’s first movements back to life. Think Twice took place in February 22nd and 23rd in Frankfurt am Main; its aim was to bridge between the worlds of the Pirate Parties, Academia and NGO to foster a mutual exchange on ideas and experiences that are worth spreading. This is exactly what Pirates Without Borders, recently re-activated after two years of deep sleep, intends to work for as well: the association wants to join individual Pirates from all over the world in mutual friendship and fruitful exchange of work and information.