Pirates without Borders May Board Meeting

Present on the board meeting on May 4th were Moira Brülisauer and Pat Mächler, with Sebastian Schwarzweller missing – the board still had a quorum.

The PWB had gained two new members. Some IT problems had been noticed by the board and were commissioned to Wolfgang, who solved them immediately. The PWB mail address was tested and can now be used.

The Postfinance bank account will soon be ready; Sebastian has signed the documents on the Easter holidays and Pat is going to send them back to the bank on Monday.

Moira is responsible for moving data from the Wiki to Redmine, which is mostly done, but the Wiki will still be available in Readonly mode until the migration has been completed. There is an online LaTeX builder for design available at http://latex.savvy.ch.

PWB will soon order pins and stickers, which will be advertised by e-Mail. A general information mail will be sent to members, but is not yet ready.

New members will receive a welcome mail. Before invoices can be sent, it is necessary to correct the member data and to have the bank account ready.

The minutes can be found here.